The sun swallowed me
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nihopalaoa replied to your post “funeraldreams replied to your post “funeraldreams said: LET ME BE UR…”

CHERIA ALL DONE? PLEASE I WANT TO SEE …my sister and I have totally had had wigs for Pascal and Hubert for a while now and just have not had the will to do the costumes >_>;

It’s actually funeraldreams who has Cheria all finished, not me ^^ Idk if that was clear since tumblr formatted that weird haha BUT I do really wanna see it!!
but omg I would looove to see you two do those guys!

funeraldreams replied to your post “funeraldreams said: LET ME BE UR CHERIA If I were to be anyone I would…”

I CAN STILL BE RICHARD’S CHERIA. U CAN BE MY MASK OF BARONA ANY DAY ♡♡♡ you could be lambda!richard, king richard or future arc richard! plenty of options. ;p i understand if you don’t get around to it! you have so many planned i’m guessing? c: ♡

and cheria is actually all done, i just need to get a good make up style for her and lighter brown lenses! >.< ♡♡ that makes me smile that you’d think i’d be a good cheria though! i’m so nervous ;-; ♡♡

OF COURSE YES BECAUSE ALSO FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS ♡ It’s more sort of, Kim and I both wanna be Richard and we’d have someone who wants to be Malik and as for the rest of the party no one really likes their costumes hahaha. Like I love Sophie but I hate her costume! Her future arc one is cute, but still, Richard is my boy. But Hubert…Hubert why…your costume…your onesie with thigh highs…I would consider him if his costume wasn’t so bleh haha. We have a lot planned! It’d depend haha maybe one day!

And YES omg you will be so lovely!~ I can’t wait to see pictures when you get the finishing touches together :3

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